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We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!
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(banner made by the lovely yodallama, winner of our banner contest in August 2005)

You know who Anthony Rapp is? That's good. We do too.

How Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp came about. You have to explore the comments for the entire explanation... look for a comment by mangojellytoast that includes a conversation between her and sammo58.

Yes, we all love Anthony. I don't need to go on about it here. But the purpose of this community is to adore Anthony. That's it! It's simple! Also it is to gather with other Antho-philes, share stories and pictures, and have fun.

Please feel free to post userpics, wallpapers, other graphics, drabbles and rambles... things of that nature. Of course we always want NEWS. From time to time I may conduct CONTESTS even, to keep us active. I always have to remind people that with someone like Anthony there is not news every single day, so we either have to live with one post a month or make the effort to make our own activity. Please help us!

HEY! When you join, why don't you make a post and tell us about yourself and the first time you ever noted Anthony's wonderful existence! :)

The following are rules and regulations of sorts, so please make yourself familiar with them. At the least they are here so that I can refer to them when someone is out of line.


1) This community is about Anthony Rapp. It is about anything Anthony is related to. If Anthony isn't involved, it's not relevant. Of course many of us are interested in Adam Pascal or Idina Menzel or such as well, but in this community, talk of them must be related to Anthony. There are communities for them and others that are for the specific adoration of them, so please join those communities.

2) This community has no anonymous posting/commenting. I've had bad days with anonymous posters, so I apologize to anyone who is just a visitor (non-LJ user), but it has to be done. If you are interested in an LJ, it is very easy to make a free journal from the LiveJournal homepage. Some people do in fact just use their journals to comment and participate in communities on LJ, so don't feel like it is a waste of time or something to create an identity.

3) Promos. Here's my deal with promoting your community or website or whatever. If it's related to Anthony, go ahead of course! In contrary to the normal "only about Anthony" rule, if you think we're the audience that might be interested in your community or website, please feel free to post about it. For example, since many of us are probably RENT fans, and possibly then Adam fans and you have some Aida community you want to promo, I would say that is within the realm of interest for this community. An advert for a community about your pet rats is not related. I think that's a pretty clear explanation. Also, if you're not sure, why not ask? It will not kill you. We're pretty nice around here. Please don't bombard us with an advertising campaign. Post once and if after some time you would like to mention it again, I don't have a problem with that. I will let you know if you are getting out of hand.

4) Don't post retarded stuff. I would like to think people are intelligent enough to figure this out, but just in case...

"I'm so excited because Anthony Rapp is coming to my town to perform and I can't wait to see him because... *insert interesting discussion here*

(entry for Dec. 1): Ten days 'til I see Anthony!!
(entry for Dec. 2): Nine days 'til I see Anthony!!
(entry for Dec. 3): Eight days 'til I see Anthony!!

If you commit the "wrong" example, I will personally fly out to wherever you live and beat the hell out of you. I'm not even kidding. ;)

5) Problems. If you have problems or quandaries, e-mail me. I feel I'm a pretty civil person, so please don't fly off the handle about anything. Seriously, if you're a jerk you're not going to get anywhere.

I really am a nice person, I swear.

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The following is a banner I made for those of us who were members before the RENT movie came out. It's not intended to say we are better than anyone who discovered Anthony because of said movie, we were just having a small moment of "We know Anthony" pride. It is posted here in the userinfo because the members wanted me to. :)

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