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We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

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Anthony Rapp RENT Return Celebration [Jun. 26th, 2007|08:26 am]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!
So as you probably know, Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are returning to the Broadway roles they helped originate: Mark and Roger in RENT! Anyway, it's still a couple weeks before they take the Nederlander stage once more on July 30th, but in the meantime a whole lot of celebration is going on in their honor over at Voices for RENT. We're having a blast with new challenges, three raffles a week, and exclusive videos just for us members! And we provide an easy way to get your tickets to see the show! So definitely check it out and go see Anthony on Broadway! Just click on the banner and let the fun begin :)

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Songs [Jun. 13th, 2007|05:45 pm]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can download songs from the 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', of course, Anthony Rapp singing. Also, other songs besides his album 'Look Around' and 'Rent'.

I can't seem to find the songs anywhere. Hope someone can point me to the right direction.

Super thanks in advance! <3

plan to post some wallpapers when I have a lighter work load. ^^'
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2007|12:05 pm]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

Please Join!

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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2007|01:39 am]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

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He was lecturing at USF tonight as well as doing a book signing. My friend (and someone else who loves Rent and Anthony) came with me and we had the pleasure of meeting him in person. He was just as gracious and friendly as he comes off in interviews. He said at the beginning that he wasn't going to take any individual pictures but we hung back until everyone had had their book signed and got a picture with him, as well as a few other groups of people who hung out.

His hands were so spastic and fun to watch. I really didn't think hands could be so mesmerizing. But his were. I don't know how he even does that.

Yes, we asked him to do the Tango Maureen eyebrow :-D.

It was amazing and one of the best nights of my life.

I have video of him answering a few questions and singing Seasons of Love if anyone is interested.
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2007|04:32 pm]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

Just curious as to who's going to USF tonight for the lecture. If you want to find me or anything I'll be in the little black dress. Happy Monday everyone!

also, what should we expect tonight?
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new online community [Jan. 25th, 2007|08:34 pm]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!
Voices for Rent

It's like an online street team for Rent. Basically, you earn "minutes" by participating in challenges, posting stuff, and getting people to join, and when you have enough, you can buy stuff from the store (tickets, backstage passes, autographed Playbills, etc.). Pretty awesome!

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Icons [Jan. 20th, 2007|11:06 pm]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

In case you need more Anthony-hands icons...

(10) Angel: The Series
(9) Rent (movie)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Over here

(x-posted to various places)
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2007|01:55 am]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

hey! i' in need for cash for college textbooks next semester. so, i'm unfortunately selling my RENT DVD and yes, it's signed by ANTHONY RAPP.

the link is HERE

i have a pic to prove that i met him! it was at rutgers university last march. comment if you want to see it.

also, heres a video i took! HERE
hes amazing :)
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Help Friends Indeed [Jan. 2nd, 2007|09:18 pm]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!

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Anthony updated his myspace today. Everyone needs to check it out!!

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Anthony Rapp Icontest [Jan. 2nd, 2007|12:15 pm]
We love Anthony "Pure Sex" Rapp!!


Please join arapp_icontest , an icontest for all things Anthony Rapp!

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